" Custom To The Bone "

Dust Bowl has been operating on building and repairing musical instruments since 2010. Our involvement with luthiery began as a challenge, not only in terms of construction but also in creating new sounds.

Our need to collect as many musical experiences as possible has led us over the years to be able to repair, maintain and manufacture most of the string and percussion musical instruments.

Our goal is to make musical instruments with a particular sound that will challenge the musician and lead to new tunes and orchestrations.

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" The road so far "

Since 2012, when our first musical instrument was born, to this day we have had the honor of collaborating with numerous musicians in Greece and abroad. A key point was our collaboration with Alejandro Cabrera, with whom we share the same desire for the unconventional, and this created a new chapter for the Dust Bowl: Cinematic Musical Instruments.

During our collaboration from 2014 until today, we had the pleasure of listening to our instruments in huge productions of movies, series and video games such as Star Wars, Black Spot, Age of Empires, The Witcher 3, Mafia II, and more which can be found at 8Dio’s vanity.

We are dreaming of a music world where different sounds are a challenge for any musician and that is why in 2017 we started our educational programs in primary education. It is a collaboration of teachers and musicians to expand the horizons of students in music and instrumentation.

Dust Bowl Guitars operates as :

  • Musical instrument workshop undertaking construction, repair and maintenance of musical instruments.
  • Exhibition space where you can see and try our original instruments up close.
  • Musical instrument store with a variety of musical instruments, consumables and accessories.

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